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We do not have to learn how to collect your account

For almost 15 years Adams, Evens & Ross has grown to become the nation's
largest credit and collection firm  that specifically collects for the
Staffing and Recruiting Industry. This Industry is our only source of revenue. I hope you
can give us the opportunity to show you why over 1200 Staffing and Recruiting Firms, 5
Payroll Funding Companies and 14 State Associations such as California
Staffing Professionals and New York Staffing Association trust
the credit and collections results of our firm.

We collect twice as much as most firms

Adams, Evens & Ross collects approximately 78% of the accounts that are
placed with our firm prior to litigation. We begin our collection process
immediately upon placement. If necessary we can have an investigator from
our global network at your customer's place of business on the day of
placement. Our process over the years has been perfected to insure maximum
results for our clients. We understand that this industry is a third tier
debt. If a company gets into trouble they will still pay their employees,
rent and main suppliers. Your receivable falls to the bottom of the
proverbial food chain. Our process will elevate your debt to a higher

Reduce your collection cost and save on average of 30%
and we will work for free if we do not collect your debt

Because of the volume of business we do in the Staffing Industry we can
offer a very competitive rate of 20% if the account is under 90 days old ,
25% if the account is over 90- days and our legal rate of 33% if sent to an
attorney. Why are our rates on average 30% lower than our competition? It is
simple. They have to factor in the large number of accounts they will work
and do not collect. They have to subsidize with a higher rate on the
accounts that they do collect. Fortunately our process has allowed us to
collect most of the accounts that are placed with our firm so we do not have
to penalize anyone with a higher rate. We will absorb all risk of collection
with our straight forward and simple guarantee. "Adams, Even & Ross will
collect your debt or there is no charge."

" Your knowledge of the Staffing Industry shows up in your results.
You collected twice as much as the other guys at half the price

That is what one of our clients said in a thank you note they sent us last
year. It now hangs on the wall of our lobby with dozens of other letters
that say basically the same thing. The Collection Industry is not known for
its abundance of professionalism and happy clients. This Industry is built
on the churn and burn mentality that unfortunately has become the norm. The
average employment expectancy in this industry of a Sales Representative is
about 16 months. That is bad but what is worse is the average client in this
Industry is changing agencies every eight months. We have clients and
employees that have been with us from day one. We measure our client's worth
in years not in months. We have built our portfolio of 1200 Staffing and Recruiting Firms
based on a foundation of professionalism and top notch customer service. We
have the most responsive customer service department in the industry. As a
customer you will have access to your account information 24/7 via our web
site. Just enter in your password and you can see at a moments notice what
is happening on your  account. If you need the information for yourself or
at your boss's request, its only a moment away. We also pay our client's
twice a month.

We will warn you if a company does not pay another Staffing Firm.

All of our clients receive "Credit Alert!!" This FREE alert is sent every
two weeks via E-mail to give you the heads up of the companies that have not
paid other Staffing Firms. We will even give you access to our database of
debtors for free. Our "Free Search" hosted at our web site will let you know
if a company has been turned over or reported to us for failure to pay
another Staffing Firm within term. We will even give
you the opportunity to report your slow pay without turning them over for
collections. Just the Debtor information is shared with the Staffing
Industry. We always protect our client's privacy.

An ounce of prevention could save you thousands of dollars every year and
the first one is free


Wilson Cole
Adams, Evens & Ross



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