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 1. Do you have a written credit policy in place?

 1. Do you have a collection problem?

 3. Do you have safe guards built into your credit application such as the right to charge interest, late fees or collection cost?

 4. Do you check the credit application?

 5. Do you re-review the credit application every 6 to 12 months?

 6. Do you write off more than 1% of your annual sales to bad debt?

 7. Do you have a collection process in place?

 8. Do you set credit limits?

 9. Do you require Personal Guarantees to be used on companies under 3 years old?

 10. Do you contact a past due client before they are 30 days past due?

 11. Do you file a UCCI to become a secured creditor on your accounts that have credit lines over $20,000?

 12. Do you allow sales people to set credit limits or collect their own accounts?

 13. Do you check public records for lawsuits?

 14. Have you had more than one client file for bankruptcy within the last 18 months?

 15. Do you have a liquidation clause on your time sheet so if they hire your temp, they owe a fee?

 16. Do you have a collection problem now


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